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I purchased a 2003 Explorer from TEAM Ford years ago. It has less than 100k miles on it. Last month I took it because it suddenly overheated an d then the "hose" blew and I needed a clamp per the Service Manager. Since it was towed I took it to where I purchased it.

I was charged over $500 for work related to a new hose, clamp, thermostat, flush and fill of radiator and oil and filter change.

Barley one month later, I had similar problems. This time they told me I needed a new radiator. John, the assistant mgr there told me that it would be around $870 dollars. I called around and found prices ranging from 500-700 dollars. I told John this and he said, "Let me see what price I can get from my Manager." Needless to say I got my car back and saved over $200.

And my car was done the same day! Today! I WILL NEVER by from Team Ford Alpharetta again. And I live in the land of SUV's and will warn all Ford owners of the scammers.

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Looma, Alberta, Canada #673928

I brought in my 2008 f150 forum free courtesy oil change.After 20 min in ship the manager came out and said I had a nail in my tire .

I told him not to pull the nail that I had to go back to work, he told me it was flat. I then ask to take a look which he replied yes. Walking towards my truck in the shop he said someone must of taken a knife and slashed my tire. When I looked at it their was two slashes big enough to put three fingers into the opening as I demonstrated to the mechanic and manager.

I then ask how I could park out front for 30 min. And how they could actually drive around back without it going flat. The mechanic looked at manager, the truth was the mechanic ran over hoist and ripped tire open. The agreed to put on a new tire.

On the way home I thought what was the story about a nail.I will never go back.


Had a bad experience on southside.went in bought a ford fusion was told the car was a v6 its not.

was told the car had never been in an accident.

it had.very frustrating i will not go back


I bought a 2011 Ford Edge from them. Customer service was good up until it came down to "warranty". We had one lady try to sell us extended warranty and when we declined (its a 2011!!!it has warranty on it) the brought in some overly pushy bossy *** of a lady, she wouldnt not let us walk away from buying the warranty...


I went car shopping at the Ford Team Dealership on the south end of edmonton.I was looking at purchasing a 2011 Ford Fiesta and signed all the paper work to see if I was going to be approved thats it.

They tried to make me sign all the paper work to buy the car which wasnt even there, is was going to take a week to have the car shipped in from BC. After stressing that I didnt want to buy the car i just wanted to see if I would be approved, I put down $100 to hold the car. Well Ford took too long to get back to me so I went and bought another car at Weber Mazda. I phoned Team ford so I could get my refund back and they refuse to give me back my money.

They jumped the gun and had the car brought there 2 days later when 1. I didnt buy the car yet, 2. told me it would take at least a week for delivery, and 3. I told them I was looking around and wanted to know if I would be approved first THATS IT!!!!

Team Ford is a joke, the people there are rude, pushing, and cheap.

I wouldnt trust them alone with a new born baby.I would sooner buy stero equipment out of the back seat of some guys van then buy anything from them!!!!

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